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Upcoming Events for 2023

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El Arte de SER

Sixteen Weeks

Starting on May 23rd, this is a program that will give you the tools to explore your deepest self and bring greater well-being to your life. Note this will be fully in Spanish.

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SER Silence Retreat

Five Days

Enjoy personal downtime to cultivate compassion, clarity and love. Get disconnected from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening within you.

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Master your inner world and expand your influence a leader with SER Model

Previous Events

SER Silence Retreat

One-day Immersion
October, 2022

Have you ever planned a day to be by and with yourself? Yet, days or weeks go by and you never make it happen... Don't postpone this anymore.

This is your time to feel completely recharged and ready to continue with your daily things. Diving into a silence retreat is about getting in touch with that place we all have within ourselves where the mind is at peace, and we can feel relief and clarity.

Corporate Counsious Leadership

Ten-week Program

June, 2022

We learn how the 5 Principles and 7 Aspects of SER Model are applied to the corporate conscious leadership.

SER Silence Retreat

Five days

August, 2022

This is a space where we take a break from excessive mental activity so we can de-stress, nurture our body, gain clarity and expand our Self-knowledge.

Expand and Transform

Six-week Program

April, 2022

You don't know what your purpose is right now? Do you have your purpose but you have not been able to put it into practice?
Through this program we will help you to live from your purpose with the help of the 5 principles and the 7 aspects of the SER Model.

World Happiness Week

March, 2022

We can learn from experts from around the world about creating greater well-being. This week brings the world together to celebrate happiness and well-being as new paradigms for human progress. Learn more here

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