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Upcoming Events for 2024

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Gross Global Happiness Summit

From March 8th to10th

It will be held at UPEACE, Costa Rica. I will be presenting for the fifth year. Interested in joining?

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El Arte de SER

March 14th

This free virtual talk (in Spanish) will guide you to bring your gaze inward, so you can recognize where you want to develop and generate greater well-being in your life. And BE who you want to BE. We are waiting for you from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Costa Rica time.

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World Happiness Fest

From March 22nd to 23rd

It will be held at Miami, FL. This is the largest festival of Happiness in the World. There will be activities, conferences and workshops on education, mental health, public policy, happiness, impact, sustainability, etc. Interested in joining?

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Previous Events

SER Silence Retreat

February, 2023

Enjoy personal downtime to cultivate compassion, clarity and love. Get disconnected from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening within you.

Custom Retreats

June and September, 2023

A transforming experience exclusively designed for you. We combine physical, mental and spiritual practices for your wellbeing.

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