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We are passionate visionaries who work on transforming the World by empowering people through developing Self: knowledge and understanding for transformation.

Our work is based on our knowledge and experience of business, leadership, psychology and personal development.  We help develop Conscious Organizations and Conscious Leadership. 

Through training, consulting and coaching, our work facilitates the necessary conditions for developing sustainable systems that promote overall well-being. We base our work on our SER Model which is based on seven aspects and five principles.

We use mindfulness as a basic tool for recognizing what is going on within the individual or organization. We take our individual and organizational clients on the path to achieve their full potential.

Meet Rodolfo Carrillo

As Conscious Leadership Shaman he has developed the powerful SER model for achieving leadership of the fullest potential as well as, deep-sustainable personal mastery and organizational growth.

Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, experience and inner wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his strong desire to serve others in their own personal and professional development. 

As an MBA graduate, Rodolfo has been involved in business consulting and training for more than 15 years and has participated as an independent director in more than 20 business boards. He has also been meditating and in a personal and spiritual development path since he was 7 years old. 

He has traveled and given talks and workshops throughout the world, having visited more than 30 countries and also lived abroad in the United States and Spain. This gives him a very deep cultural sensibility, which he uses as leverage in the work he does. 

His purpose is: to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity so that we can create a healthier society and World where people and organizations interact with compassion and can thrive through a greater state of well-being. 

Client Testimonials:

Eduardo Salas Ayub

HR Leader - AWS Professional Services Global Specialty Practice

"Rodolfo's superpower is his strategic vision to enable self-conscious organizations and teams... His creative mind unleashes potential, and his ability to structure ideas helps others achieve goals"


Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach, Real Life But Better

"Rodolfo really dug deep into me and allowed me to get to the root of my problems and face the blockages that were holding me back in my life."

Angelica Alonso

Head of Program Management
BCD Travel

"My life took a radical turn after I met Rodolfo last year… a very good one!his contribution was key to build the foundations of a compassionate, responsible, creative and purpose driven team. He most definitely is a true leader and a wonderful human being."

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