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BE a conscious leader with the SER MODEL:

Leading from your Highest Self

Meet Rodolfo Carrillo

Rodolfo has a gift, something extraordinary to offer the planet.

Something that is making a profound difference in the lives of many Conscious Leaders. He experienced exponential personal and business transformation from focusing on 5 core principles in his life. He has developed this into the powerful SER MODEL for achieving leadership of the fullest potential, as well as deep, sustainable personal mastery in organizational growth. This SER MODEL so eloquently facilitates the development of Conscious Leaders and Organizations, captivating people all over the world, creating a transformational ripple effect in Conscious Businesses globally.
Rodolfo is a transformational leader in the field of conscious leadership and business. He has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, along with experience and the inner wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his strong desire to serve others in their own personal and professional development. He has practiced meditation and has followed a personal and spiritual development path since he was 7 years old. Rodolfo is also the founder and lead facilitator of a non-profit “Positive World Foundation” in Costa Rica which focuses on working with young people in communities at risk. Rodolfo is on a mission to contribute to the development of a more conscious world and supporting others to do the same. 

What is SER Leadership? 

SER is the verb “to be” in Spanish. The SER MODEL gives you the tools to expand your leadership and guide your team to develop its full potential.
The SER MODEL combines the spiritual + business paths so you show up in a more authentic way as a leader to ultimately create a positive impact in the world. 

Your best leadership awaits:

- Expand your impact as a leader -
- Get better results from your team -
- Experience less stress and anxiety -
- Embrace more creativity -
- Have greater emotional intelligence -
- Connect deeper with others -
- Experience greater well-being -
-Develop your organizations full potential

An extraordinary gift and Model for conscious Leaders, making a difference in the lives of many 


“Rodolfo's superpower is his strategic vision to enable self-conscious organizations and teams. He is a servant leader, coach and mentors others, from entrepreneurs to chief executives in multiple industries. In my experience partnering with Rod he focuses on the customer and builds trusting relationships with them. His creative mind unleashes potential, and his ability to structure ideas helps others achieve goals. More importantly, is a wonderful human being.”.





- Ed Salas

Global Sr. HR Leader at Amazon Web Services






"Rodolfo Carrillo is one of the best conscious leadership facilitators I have experienced. If you are after results driven transformation of your team, bringing out the next level potential, he is your person. We have collaborated on several projects where his dynamic input and ability to evoke the best in all participants has been stellar."

- Laurie Seymour

Executive Innovation Coach, Podcast, Author

What Rodolfo can share on your Podcast:

+ how to develop a deeper understanding of who you are

+ how to master your inner world to create greater well-being

+ how to expand your influence and impact as a leader to achieve greater impact and results

+ what it means to lead from your highest Self

+ what it means to be a Conscious leader and what are some principles to propel you into this state

+ how can you evolve yourself and your team to create company-wide consciousness

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It will be an honor! 

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