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He's captivating the world with his powerful Conscious Leadership Model

Rodolfo Carrillo has a gift, something extraordinary to offer the planet. Something that is making a profound difference in the lives of many

He experienced exponential personal and business transformation from focusing on 5 core principles in his life.
He has developed this into the powerful SER MODEL for achieving leadership of the fullest potential, as well as deep, sustainable personal mastery in organizational growth.
This SER MODEL so eloquently facilitates the development of Conscious Leaders and Organizations, captivating people all over the world, creating a transformational ripple effect in Conscious Businesses globally.
Rodolfo is a transformational leader in the field of conscious leadership and business.
He has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, along with experience and the inner wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his strong desire to serve others in their own personal and professional development. 
He has practiced meditation and has followed a personal and spiritual development path since he was 7 years old. 
Rodolfo is also the founder and lead facilitator of a non-profit “Positive World Foundation” in Costa Rica which focuses on working with young people in communities at risk.
Rodolfo is on a mission to contribute to the development of a more conscious world and supporting others to do the same. 

Transcending his personal and business transformation model into a Conscious Leadership Movement   

BE a conscious leader with the SER Model

SER is the verb “to be” in Spanish. The SER model gives you the tools to expand your leadership and guide your team to develop their full potential

The SER MODEL combines the spiritual + business paths so you show up in a more authentic way as a leader to ultimately create a positive impact in the world.
The SER Model is taught through the BE-ing Leadership  Online Training Program and gives you a roadmap to your inner world so that you can transform into the leader you are meant to be. 

The BE-ing Leadership Online Training Program 

The BE-ing Leadership Program is a 2-hour leadership training course online so that you can review at your own pace.
This program includes a full understanding of the 5 Principles & 7 Aspects of the SER Model.
There are 12 pre-recorded modules, training directly from Rodolfo Carrillo.
There are exercises for each model for you to put into practice the teaching and start expanding your influence right away!

Master your inner world as you expand your influence and impact as a leader 


Training Program Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Conscious Leadership: understand the concepts and importance of working within and the impact it has.
Module 2: Leading from Be-ing Part 1: start applying the first 2 principles to your leadership style: purpose and interdependence.
Module 3: Leading from Be-ing Part 2: Understand the impact of responsibility, compassion and a beginner’s mindset in leadership.
Module 4: Being Aware is Key: bringing awareness within is key to expansion, learn how to do it.
Module 5: Recognizing Myself as a Leader: Our self-image can limit or potentiate us, learn to transform yours.
Module 6: Developing a Leadership Mindset: Use your mind as a powerful tool by defining the story you tell yourself.
Module 7: Creating Motivation: Understand how the intellect serves as a way to create motivation and learn to use it in your favor.
Module 8: Believing in my Leadership: Our belief system is what guides us through life, learn to reprogram your limiting beliefs.
Module 9: Believing in my Team: Learn how to transform your beliefs towards your team and how to influence them for greater results.
Module 10: Embracing Emotions and Leadership: How a leader manages emotions directly impacts on the climate and environment of the organization, learn how to deal with emotions.
Module 11: Physically Embodying Leadership: Most powerful Leadership is not only in the mind but embodied in our whole self. Become aware of how to physically show up as the leader you want to be.
Module 12: Expanding my Influence through Conscious Leadership: As you expand as a leader your whole organization will transform. Here you’ll learn how to consciously apply that influence.

Here are the bonuses you will receive with the BE-ING LEADERSHIP BUNDLE:


5 Days of Meditation Towards Well-Being: Online Program

During 5 days, you'll experience 5 powerful meditations that will guide you to develop greater wellbeing. Each guided meditation is also a teaching. As we meditate we experience what is being taught.

This online Program includes:

  • Day # 1 - Developing integral well-being
  • Day # 2 - Caring for our physical well-being
  • Day # 3 - Nurturing emotional well-being
  • Day # 4 - Cultivating mental well-being
  • Day # 5 - Integrating spiritual well-being 


BE-ing Leadership Audio Program

This bonus includes the AUDIO PROGRAM of the BE-ing Leadership Online Program. 
This is a leadership online training course which includes a full understanding the 5 Principles & 7 Aspects of the SER Model.
All 12 modules are included, training directly from Rodolfo Carrillo so that you can continue to learn and develop your skills while listening to the audio. 

Transform yourself to create greater impact

You're working hard supporting your team yet there's something holding them back from their full potential.  

You’re giving your team the tools they need, and you’ve taken all the courses; yet you know they're not at their full potential. They can do better, but something’s holding them back, and you’re not sure how to lead them to the next level.
You're working hard, yourself, to get to the next level, and you want to scale. You want to create more impact and you’re not quite sure how to do it.
You're thinking of turning to marketing. Until you become aware that transformation starts from within, we can't expect it from anywhere else.
If you want to take yourself and your team to the next level, you must dive deep into yourself to release what holds you back from reaching your full potential, to transcend your own limitations and BE the leader of your own life. 

Transform yourself to collectively create a healthier society and world, where people and organizations interact with compassion and can thrive through a greater state of wellbeing

Apply our Conscious Leadership Model to experience a profound + quantum leap in your life and business 

Leadership is not a title, it’s a way of Consciously BE-ing

Click Here To BE The Leader You Are Meant To Be

If you want to take yourself and your team to the next level, you must transcend your own limitations and BE the leader of your own life.

in fact........

We have Conscious leaders all over the world who are applying the SER Model in their personal and professional life.... 

They use it now unconsciously as they build their companies

If you're heart-centred, looking to create impact, and recognizing that you are ready for more expansion, then your best leadership awaits

Here's what to expect from applying the BE-ing Leadership SER Model:


 Expand your impact as a leader 

Get better results from your team 

Experience less stress and anxiety 

Embrace more creativity 

Have greater emotional intelligence  

Connect deeper with others 

Experience greater well-being 


You will never see yourself the same way again and will have the tools to be the leader you want to be. Your team will recognize, appreciate and thank you for creating a more conscious way of working and living.

The SER Model will facilitate the necessary conditions for developing sustainable systems that promote overall well-being. Expect yourself as a Business Leader to become a Conscious Leader, and your organization to become a Conscious Organization.

An extraordinary gift and Model for Leaders, making a difference in the lives of many people....

Once Rodolfo realized just how powerful these 5 core principles were transforming his personal and professional life, his calling expanded to share these with the planet, to support a shift into Conscious Leadership and global impact.

Here are just a few client transformations... 

“My life took a radical turn after I met Rodolfo last year… a very good one! His contribution was key to build the foundations of a compassionate, responsible, creative, and purpose-driven team. He most definitely is a true leader and a wonderful human being”.


Angelica Alonso
Head of Program Management, BCD Travel
"Wow - where to begin! Rodolfo really dug deep into me to get to the root of my problems and face the blockages that were holding me back in my life. His simple, straight forward and spot on way of working has been one of the most powerful healings I have ever experienced. Our session shifted a lot for me and has allowed for me to finally move forward".
Samantha Lotus
Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach
"I am no stranger to going deep in my own personal work, and am so grateful that Rodolfo was able to help me go even deeper to uncover new, powerful insights I hadn't yet seen. Rodolfo's coaching is very healing. He's easy to talk to and holds safe, trustworthy space with ease and grace."


Kim O'Neill
Transformational Confidence Coach & Show Host
"Rodolfo's superpower is his strategic vision to enable self-conscious organizations and teams. His creative mind unleashes potential, and his ability to structure ideas helps others achieve goals.”
Eduardo Salas Ayub
HR Leader - AWS Professional Services Global Specialty Practice
"Rodolfo helped me to get clarity on an issue I had been struggling with for years. He really helped me understand the root of what had been holding me back for so long. He also provided some practical guidance on the power of writing as a tool for emotional release. But more than anything - I think he has a gift that I am now struggling to explain in words. Maybe I can call it the gift of understanding. But I felt lighter in his presence and as if he was tuned into some higher source of power. I instantly felt comfortable sharing information I’d held guarded for many years, and like I was speaking to an old friend, or perhaps a mirror of myself that was guiding me towards a better understanding."
Philip Powis 
Founder of: Hearing Experts Alliance & The Quantum King
Click here to BE the leader you are meant to be
There is more to being a leader than just doing things right. For Conscious Leadership Shaman Rodolfo Carrillo, leadership also comes from that spiritual path of recognizing who we are and from that BE-ing.

The SER model will empower you to .........

✔ Navigate the inner complexity of being a powerful leader 


✔ Allow your team to embrace their greatness 


✔ Apply a roadmap and the tools to magnify your leadership 


✔ Adopt principles to propel you as a conscious leader


✔ Expand your influence as you transcend your previous limits


✔ Evolve yourself and your team to create company-wide consciousness

This powerful SER Model I’m going to teach you works in any business...


It’s the same process Rodolfo has used to expand his awareness and Consciousness and guide transformational leaders and clients and everyone around him. 


And it will work for you as well!

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What's Included in this special BE-ing Leadership BUNDLE? 

I hope you enjoy the digital training. I really hope you apply this powerful SER Leadership Model. 

I wish to get this into your world because I know how this can transform your business forever. 
Wishing you success and fulfillment, 
Rodolfo Carrillo
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If you don’t feel that BE-ing Leadership is worth what you just paid , then please send me an email within 30 days of getting the digital training and I’ll refund you. No questions asked.
How is that for supporting you in your exciting transformation into Leadership BE-ing?
And so…

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